Monday, January 7, 2013

A bit of Christmas 2012

We had a lot of fun this Christmas, there was football,
lots of running around,
plenty of dog shenanigans,
and happy kids.
As you can see, Griffin is a blast and almost always very happy.
Ellie loved getting to know her Uncle Eph and the whole Nebraska gang.
We had some great weather most of the time, so we got out the football and the kids loved having Jake around.
And Pa got to get out his car and dust it off and drive it a bit. 
Never a dull moment.
Like I said...
Griffin was attacked by a Christmas stocking holder.  Lesson learned.  He was still very adorable, even bloodied up.
Heather is an amazing Mom and does a great job keeping her 4 boys in line.  (yes, she gained a husband but also inherited one of our boys)
This is Ellie's "why should I smile for the camera?" face.  Very funny and always cute.
As for Pa, he just wants to come home from Mexico to stay.  (he's gotten about all the fun squeezed out of it he could)
This is what Seth loves, a good race.  We made plenty of laps.
He never tires, that boy.
Of course, we had to roast hot dogs and marshmallows.  Even got to try some of the brats from Eph and Heather's pigs.
Patience and skill pays off.
Going 3-deep on the hot dogs.
We had a really hot fire as you might have guessed from this one.
Jake is back at school, but Betsy loved having him around.  (in fact, she really misses him)
I did say it was a hot fire.
Ah, a boy and fire...a natural connection.
Good stuff!
Gmom and her fans.  They love getting together.
I spent much of time holding James.  (we connected, I'm sure)  Now I miss holding him.  Cute smile, right?
Since Pa was busy, Uncle Eph painted Ellie's toes.  Yes, I have done it as well.
Ezra introduced Ellie to the joys of Legos.

My favorite duty.

Ellie loved her new doll house.   It is pretty awesome.
Eph made pie.  Gmom assisted in the crust lacing.  Very good pie!
We do love this girl.